Cosmos - Destination Intros 1

The following copy appeared in the Cosmos 2017-2018 holiday brochure and website.



Timeless wilderness and vast horizons, luminous cities and old frontier towns, our North America holidays promise memorable experiences in striking settings.

From the snowy wilds and gold rush history of Alaska to the blinking, neon strips of Las Vegas and easy charm of New Orleans, this is a continent of colourful histories, nature at its grandest, and zest-for-life locals. Trace its musical legacy from the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis to the country roots of Nashville, and walk its iconic Civil War battlefields.

Board great locomotives for rousing rail journeys through the Rockies and see the Columbia Icefield from the cab of an ice explorer. Or slow things down in a cosy ragtime saloon, under the stars at a desert barbeque, or on a picnic in a shady pine forest. Either way discover your pioneer spirit and an infectious sense of adventure at every turn.

central & south america

Ancient civilisations collide with thrilling landscapes and the kinetic energy of modern cities across this continent of intoxicating passion and charm.

On our tours you’ll discover the delights and surprises of lost Peruvian empires in overgrown ruins, try wines from the lush, green vineyards of Chile, cruise across spectacular fjords, and catwalk ahead of an advancing glacier in Patagonia.

From coast to countryside, this is a land of unique experiences and compelling histories, where Santiago’s colonial streets hide a dark past and jungle canopies reveal sacred Inca citadels; survey the sprawling Rio from the feet of Christ the Redeemer, and descend into the deepest canyon of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains.



arabian gulf

Imagine standing on the ramparts of Jordan’s Kerak Castle in the time of the Crusades, or gazing out from Mount Nebo across the Dead Sea. Picture yourself inching past pilgrims in the crowded streets of Petra.

Explore a place of Crusader castles, Roman amphitheatres, and ancient tombs and temples; a beautiful and haunting desert landscape of silent dunes, towering mountains and fire-red sandstone mesas.

You’ll cruise the gentle waters of Galilee and wander the olives trees in the Garden of Gethsemane, and discover this land and its history, thousands of years in the making.