Cosmos Destination Intros 2

The following copy appeared in the Cosmos 2017-2018 holiday brochure and website. 



Full of timeworn charisma and easy to delight in, Cuba has had a rough time of it over the years. But there’s something about the irrepressible spirit and zest-for-life of its people that makes a stay here so enjoyable.

From its crumbling pastel-hued facades and grand museums to its spacious public squares and sea wall hangouts at sunset, Havana is a joy. And you can still see its 1950s-era cars and visit the legendary Tropicana for a lively evening of salsa and cabaret.

Once you’ve had your fill of Havana’s delights, there’s the secluded Isla de la Juventud to explore. A rare treat of tranquil sandy beaches and Punta Frances National Park with its wildlife reserve of crocodiles, butterflies and parrots.



Among the sculptured tiers of its perfect gardens and ornate shrines is a bold and proud country of grand feudal castles and bustling mega-cities. It’s a large part of Japan’s charm, this surreal blend of the futuristic and the traditional, like a tea ceremony in shiny, buzzing Tokyo.

Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and interesting history, there’s a myriad of cool, peaceful forests to retreat to and iconic sights in Mount Fuji and cherry blossom season. Dig into its mysterious and imperial past of shogun warriors and ancient dynasties and you won’t be disappointed.



Adventures begin in Bhutan before you land in this once isolated Buddhist kingdom with magnificent views of the Himalayas.

Set in a cool, leafy valley, capital city Thimpu is an appealing mix of the traditional and the modern. Its lively cafes and markets, and the fortified monastery of Tashichho Dzong, watched over by the gold-plated Buddha Dordenma from a surrounding hill.

Once you leave the capital, it’s a thrilling odyssey through mist-shrouded valleys and criss-crossing prayer flags to ancient fortresses and Tibetan temples, all the while framed by glorious Himalayan peaks. Like stepping into an ancient storybook.