Film review: Monsters, Inc.

Shrek can kiss Sulley’s big, blue, furry behind…

After the mediocre A Bug’s Life, Pixar bounce back to form to reclaim their animator’s crown with the brilliantly conceived and visually luxurious Monsters, Inc.

The Inc in question is the most efficient ‘scream’ processing plant in Monstropolis, where Sulley (blue yeti – voiced by John Goodman) and Mike (walking eyeball – voiced by Billy Crystal) are the top scarers. Monster mates Sulley and Mike burst through portals and out of bedroom closets in the human world harvesting screams to power their monster city. But when a little girl winds up trapped there drawing the attention of the slippery Randall (lizard - Steve Buschemi), mayhem ensures.

Perfecting their animation is one thing but Pixar’s genius lies in their appreciation of a whip-smart story, a funny script and a stellar cast. A delight on all fronts.