Album review: I might be wrong - Radiohead

Gloriously groundbreaking and never afraid to flout convention, Radiohead are probably the last band you’d expect a live album from.

Compiled from shows in Oslo, Berlin and Oxford and featuring tracks from their experimental ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ albums, this live eight-track is a pleasingly rough and emotionally-charged chronicle of Radiohead 2001.

From the haunting, celestial piano of ‘Like Spinning Plates’ to the industrial bassline driving a horn-less ‘National Anthem’, these are songs that benefit hugely when the studio shine has been rubbed off. Thom Yorke’s voice, piercing and strained, anchors the fractured atmosphere throughout.

The man himself winds up the show with a heartrending ‘True Love Waits’: a fragile and emotional vocal with just acoustic guitar for company. He thanks the audience, wishes them good night and then he’s gone. Simple and stunning.